Disinfection unit

Disinfection unit is created for make provision against the global Covid – 19 pandemic.
It is aimed to disinfect and protec many people aganist the virüs with healthy and safe way
in a short time.
Disinfection Unit Specifications
General dimensions and material properties ;
– Width : 160 cm Depth : 76 cm Height : 220 cm
– Weight (With empty tank ) : 150 Kg
– The body is made of 1mm thick stainless steel.(304 quality)
General Operating Principle ;
– The unit has a total of 14 nozzles.
– The nozzels disinfect 360° on the human body.
– The unit has a 50 liter disinfectant liquid tank.
– There is one ballcock in the tank.This ballcock will stop the pump when the liquid in
the tank is low.
– The system serves an average of 3500 people with a 50 liter tank.
– The unit has a 1 liter 40 bar high pressure pump.
– The unit has one electrical panel.
– The unit has motion sensor and time relay.
– When the unit detects motion , it operates the system for 3,5 seconds.
– The sensor has IP67 waterproof feature.
– The unit has a White LED lighting (positioned in the upper part of the unit) and a
– There is leakage current in the system.
– The system has a disinfected filtering system to prevent the nozzles from clogging
– The system has an Emergency stop button.
Optional Features
– The outer body of the unit can be produced from stainless steel or aluminum composite
– Temperature meter or thermal camera can be added into the system.
– Atomizer evaporation system can be added(Steam disinfection feature).
– Hand sanitezer unit with sensor can be added